master plan | denver, colorado

The Stapleton Redevelopment Plan created a new 4,000-acre mixed use community on the former Stapleton International Airport site. The “smart growth” development includes residential neighborhoods, parks, schools, village shops, workplaces, and cultural venues. As a member of the core planning team, Andropogon analyzed the site’s environmental patterns, from subterranean drainage patterns to plant and wildlife communities, to develop ecological design strategies for the entire community. The open space –– more than one fourth of the site –– with park, trails and recreational facilities, combined with a cost-effective “natural drainage system” and restored native landscapes, serves as the development’s stormwater management system.



Stapleton Redevelopment Foundation

Cooper, Robertson & Partners

Civitas Inc.



1998 Excellence in Design, AIA New York State

1996 Outstanding Comprehensive Planning Award, American Planning Association