stormwater runoff compliance | chattanooga, tn

Andropogon’s expertise has enabled the City of Chattanoooga to not only comply with a state-mandated NPDES MS4 Permit, regulating stormwater runoff, but to leverage the permit requirements to develop “green infrastructure to revitalize the city and provide a holistic approach to managing water quality.” The team developed a new stormwater management ordinance that was informed by Andropogon's intensive mapping of the unique opportunities and constraints of the City’s natural and built environment, social conditions, and economic realities. The ordinance includes a comprehensive Rainwater Management Guide that will encourage developers and design professionals to meet the new requirements by utilizing green infrastructure. A concurrent Supplemental Environmental Project for Brainerd (Midtown) provided a model for retrofitting entire city districts with an innovative green infrastructure system; one that reframes stormwater as a resource, not a problem, employing it to create value-added new development opportunities. 




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