Bartram's Mile

concept & visioning phase | philadelphia, pa

This is the first step in an accelerated process to reimagine what the City is calling “Bartram’s Mile,” a one mile stretch of currently vacant river frontage along the western banks of the tidal Schuylkill between Grays Ferry Avenue and 58th Street. This rapid civic engagement and public planning process brought together community representatives from the immediate neighborhoods, as well as key stakeholders from across the city and region to determine preferred design alternatives for Bartram’s Mile. The concept design produced through this process includes trail alignment, community connections, integration with existing trails, site programming, park space improvements, and design features to reconnect people to the outdoors and to celebrate the history and horticulture of Bartram’s Garden. Bartram’s Mile is a major opportunity to convert publicly-owned vacant land to public green space and has the potential to provide riverfront access and recreation opportunities to an underserved neighborhood.



Penn Praxis

City of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation