Nikko Kirifuri Hotel & Spa

master plan | nikko city, tochigi, japan

The facilities and amenities designed for this complex, located on a mountainous site in Japan, were planned to protect the ecological integrity of the site. Although spectacular in its beauty, the project’s natural 35-acre site posed serious challenges, such as complex landforms, steep slopes along a mountain stream, highly erodible soils, sensitive woodlands, and greatly restricted building zones. The new site features – access roads, bridges, parking, gardens, paths, trails, and stormwater management system – all fit seamlessly into the forested hillsides with minimal intrusion. Every aspect of the design was crafted to protect, repair, and dramatize the natural resources of the site in a style that reflected a Japanese sensibility to place.



Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates (US)

Marunouchi Architects & Engineers (Japan)



2001 Design Merit Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects for the Landscape Master Plan