Mixed-Use Eco Park Development

master plan & site design | abu dhabi, uae

The Master Plan for this 110-Hectare Eco Park includes a residential component, a 5-star Eco-Hotel, a Mangrove Island and Organic Farm. The Mangrove Island, a 60 Hectare development, includes a wildlife visitors’ center, 21 eco-cabins, and a restaurant. Sustainable design elements include on-site energy and portable water production, all from renewable resources. In addition, extensive programs will be developed to protect the existing Mangroves as well as establish new Mangrove habitats. The 13-acre Organic Farm will supply the residential community and on-site restaurants with locally grown fresh produce. The plan provides the Eco Park with an opportunity to showcase progressive principles in the development of an ecologically significant site. More so, the Master Plan purposefully strengthens the existing natural, cultural and social values, serving as a model for the community and region at large.