Iskander Financial Districts Development

master plan & site design | johor bahru, malaysia

The International Financial District (IFD) is one of nine Node parcels located within the 27,048 acre Iskandar Development Region (IDR) overlooking the Straits of Johor between Malaysia and Singapore.

The District, a high-density mixed use area, will include office, hotels, retail, residential, recreational and public amenities supported by convenient public transit, roads, parking, and infrastructure. The landscape plan integrates the site’s environmental strategies into an open space network that creates a sense of place through public amenities and takes advantage of the shared resources within the landscape.





The Financial District is envisioned to showcase South Johor and Malaysia’s economic health and vibrancy. The district will be a thriving, high-density mixed use area anchored by the diverse activities that take place in the international finance center.
Andropogon’s plan will integrate environmental concerns and strategies into the overall landscape design to take advantage of synergies that come from shared resources within the landscape. It will define a sense of place by creating a physical network of hilltop parks around which a vibrant urban life will manifest and change.
A full range of land uses and functions are planned, including office, hotels, retail, residential, recreation and public amenities. All are fully supported by convenient public transit, roads, parking, open space network, and infrastructure.