University of Pennsylvania, The Quadrangle

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University of Pennsylvania’s historical freshman dormitory, The Quadrangle, was designed in 1886 by Cope and Stewardson. In 2002, Andropogon partnered with a multi-disciplinary team to complete the $75 million, four-year renovation. This project involved renovation of the entire site infrastructure and comprehensive landscape renovation, while extensive interior renovation was conducted to convert the Quadrangle to a college house system. A major challenge to the renovation, facilities were to remain operational during the school semesters, requiring the reconstruction to take place during strategic 12-week intervals over a four-year period.

Responding to the Quadrangle’s long-term flooding problems and intensive recreational use, Andropogon designed new courtyards, exterior streetscapes with traffic calming measures and enhanced pedestrian entrances, new plantings that provide distinct garden areas, and an integrated stormwater management system.



The University of Pennsylvania

EwingCole (formerly Ewing Cole Cherry Brott)

John Milner Architects

George Thomas, architectural historian