landscape master plan, bear run, pennsylvania

A world heritage site with Frank Lloyd Wright’s seminal house at its core, the plan developed long-term landscape strategies for Fallingwater’s site. The project addresses an institutional problem increasingly common today: how to provide access for a large numbers of visitors to finite and often fragile environments, without destroying the very place those visitors have come to experience. The plan identified two aspects of the landscape as critical to the experience of the house: the visitors’ journey to and from the house as a “pilgrimage route”; and the health of the forest which surrounds and interpenetrates the house. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking and maintenance facilities were redesigned to reflect Wright’s vision of architecture inspired by the forms and materials of the site. Interventions to restore the health of the surrounding forest were designed to repair present and prevent future damage to existing woodlands, stream corridors, and steep slopes; and to enhance the site’s bio-diversity.



2002 Merit Award in Planning /Analysis, American Society of Landscape Architects, PA/DE Chapter