Environmental Protection Agency

mccormack post office and court house | boston, ma

Designed as a model of sustainable preservation and a living example of an important facet of the EPA’s mission, the new green roof provides environmental enhancements to this building renovation project. The shaded two-level green roof has six soil depths ranging from 2” to 24” utilizing native plants in pre-grown trays and in-situ installations to illustrate different types of native plantings that extensive and intensive installations can support. Air conditioning condensate and stormwater from multiple roofs is harvested in order to encourage plant vitality and minimize runoff. The installation serves as an educational and learning tool by demonstrating of water recycling, stormwater mitigation, heating and cooling effects, and habitat replacement strategies that can be implemented at other EPA facilities.



Goody Clancy Architects

Kaaren Pearce

Cosentini Associates

Sunny Border Nurseries