how can research and imagining new ideas define a new future for Barnegat Bay?


“Sea and Survival” = 50 Years Later

In 1968, two decades after Boris Blai founded the Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts, Ian McHarg wrote about the landscape dynamics of this barrier island in his seminal book, Design with Nature. McHarg discussed the uncertain future of this 17-mile-long landmass, which is in constant interaction with the sea and depends on the vegetation that anchors it for stability.

Today, 50 years later, we imagined working with this community hub to transform it into a resilient environment that honors those who created it for the benefit of many; a property capable of protecting, educating, and promoting a truly symbiotic relationship between humans and the Bay, with art as the intermediary. Long-term adaptation thinking is needed to realize the need to engage in a more interdependent relationship with this coastal environment as we re-imagine the Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts.

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  • Location: Long Beach Island, NJ
  • Size: N/A
  • Role: Exhibition Design
  • Services: Ecological Planning and Restoration, Regional & Resiliency Planning, Community Engagement, Research