how can workplace landscapes provide opportunities to think, reflect, and re-energize?


Incyte, a global leader in biopharmaceutical research, and sought a campus that would help attract and inspire the best minds in the field. Working with a diverse, talented team, Andropogon was engaged to develop a plan for the new, expanded campus that would encourage workers to take their work outside, exchange ideas, and explore the spectacular local landscapes and amenities.

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As much as possible, the design strives to blend indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a range of scales to comfortably gather in groups, eat lunch outside, exercise, and stroll. That meant being very strategic with a site that has steep slopes, shallow granite bedrock, and a huge amount of pre-existing surface parking. By encouraging the construction of a large parking garage, and thickening its roof to support an on-structure park connecting offices and gathering spaces, the team was able to maximize programmable outdoor space. Catching all of the runoff from the roofs not only kept that water out of the nearby Brandywine River, but also provided an opportunity to create a water-focused journey that guides workers and visitors from the upper building, past new fountains, connecting to the remaining surface parking along runnels and bridged rain gardens, and down to the lower buildings.


  • Location: Wilmington, DE
  • Size: 20 acres
  • Role: Landscape Architect of Record
  • Services: Site Design – Conceptual Design through Completion, Green Roof Design