“I strive to create places that tell the story of their own making through design, with strong roots in history, culture, social beliefs, and, above all, in nature.”

Yaki Miodovnik, PLA, ASLA,CSLA

Yaki leaves a lasting legacy of practicing an ecological design approach on a global scale. He believed that Andropogon’s approach to site design was needed in all parts of the world, particularly in rapidly developing areas. His work ranged from islands in the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East, across Southeast Asia, to Japan, Korea, and, most recently, China.

Yaki brought an infectious enthusiasm to exploring and learning about the unique ecology of a place, its geology, soils, hydrology, and plant communities, whether traveling a few hours from home or half-way across the earth. He loved learning new things from our environment, bringing us all in to wonder and marvel at its beautiful complexities.


“We don’t have time to debate about styles and fashions. They are irrelevant to the survival of the diversity of life on out planet… Passion should come first in putting systems back together, reconnecting us spiritually and functionally to the earth.”

Carol Franklin, PLA, ASLA

Carol is a pioneering landscape architect who has been at the forefront of ecological design and sustainable landscapes since 1975. As one of Andropogon’s founding principal members, she is a nationally recognized expert in ecological design and has been a leader in exploring sustainable landscape initiatives.

Carol’s work exemplifies a lifelong interest in restoring both natural and cultural landscapes and in re-establishing the essential connection between the two. Carol has been passionately involved in understanding what brings a place to life for the community—from establishing strong, engaging narratives to creating captivating and memorable landscape experiences inspired by the special qualities of the site.


“The restoration of the earth will be the art of the 21st century.”

Colin Franklin, PLA, RA, RIBA, AIA, ASLA

A founding principal of Andropogon, Colin’s specialties include designing from an ability to see the broader picture while generating site-specific solutions that are both practical and visionary. As both an architect and landscape architect, he facilitates discussion and coordination among interdisciplinary team members, as well as bringing a vision of larger ecological concepts to the planning table.

From the beginning of his career, Colin has been involved in large-scale planning projects. He developed a lifelong interest in preserving and revitalizing the unique cultural resources of each place and in reinforcing the best of that culture in the patterns of new development.