3 Dec

Kendeda Building at Georgia Tech opens!

The Kendeda Building at Georgia Tech officially opens its doors

Andropogon is excited to announce that the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology has officially opened its doors to the public. As Georgia’s first building certified under the Living Building Challenge, the world’s most rigorous greenbuilding certification, the 46,850 GSF, fully regenerative structure and surrounding space transform the campus while giving back to the environment. The Andropogon team provided its expertise in landscape architecture and ecological design, partnering with Lord Aeck Sargent and The Miller Hull Partnership. The completed project seamlessly integrates the landscape with the architecture for optimal performance and design.

Some key features of this project include: A Rainwater Cistern – As a requirement of the Living Building Challenge 3.1 certification, it was necessary for the building to collect more water than it consumes on an annual basis to function as a net positive water facility. Rainwater and Greywater Treatment Equipment – Meant for treating the collected water needed for irrigation, potable water, and the small amount of water needed for the composting toilettes Roof Garden – The 5,000+ SF rooftop consists of honeybee apiary, pollinator garden, and blueberry orchard. Edible Landscape – The bulk of the urban agriculture area requirement is met with a 5,350 SF shade-to-partial shade edible ground landscape. Trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that produce edibles, accompanied by informative signage, intended to encourage students, staff, and visitors to pick and eat tree fruit and berries year-round. This landscape will also work seamlessly with the landscape’s adjacent, proposed mesic woodland, and seepage wetland zones to manage stormwater runoff from the site’s pavement.

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