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How to Enjoy City Living Outdoors (COVID-19 Edition)

how to enjoy city living outdoors (COVID-19 edition)

Living in a big city like Philadelphia is exciting. The City of Brotherly Love is filled with parks, great restaurants and bars, entertainment venues, and a variety of places to explore – all easily accessible by public transit, walking, or rideshare services. With endless hiking trails within the city limits, and beaches and mountains less than two hours away, it’s easy to find yourself exploring the outdoors, experiencing all that mother nature has to offer.

However, in the era of COVID-19 city residents find many of their favorite outdoor destinations, such as state parks and beaches, closed. For those without backyards or transportation to open hiking trails, outdoor choices are limited.

Here’s a list of ways to enjoy city living outdoors amid COVID-19:


While gyms are closed and a majority of workouts have shifted to online streaming or apps, try taking your workouts outside– whether running or classes– to get your fill of Vitamin D and nature. Find a set running route in your neighborhood, set up your laptop or tablet for a HIIT workout, or bring your yoga mat outside for best results!


With social distancing being the new norm, it’s hard to find large, green spaces that are not only open to the public but also not overly crowded. Spend some time researching different parks and open spaces in your neighborhood that you maybe haven’t visited before. A few good examples in Philly are campus spaces such as Drexel’s Korman Quad and Penn’s Shoemaker Green. The spaces are vast and have ample seating for taking a moment to sit and appreciate the beauty of what’s around. Just make sure to keep your distance and wear a mask. 


Using the research you’ve just done, take advantage of your newly found space to enjoy a new book or magazine – weather permitting.


Many of us have discovered the stresses of working from home. If you’re used to working in an office and this isn’t your regular routine, it can be a little hectic and you may be feeling the negatives effects of sitting for hours on end. Try to break up your day with a walk (or two!) to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Try using your lunch hour to refuel outside and clear your mind.


Most people that work in the design disciplines make it a habit to capture thoughts and ideas through different graphic techniques. During the course of our education, many of us have inevitably taken some type of freehand drawing class to aid in that process. However, with the advent of digital media, this skill may have atrophied over time. Breaking out that sketchbook can be a wonderful way to reawaken an old habit, reflect on current matters, and portray the surrounding world through your own personal experiences.s


If it’s a cold or rainy day, or you want to envision yourself in a different city (maybe enjoying a vacation!), hit up a livestream. Some favorites are large and small cities around the world.

Hopefully this blog has inspired you to still enjoy the outdoors in the city during these difficult times. Just remember – we’re in this together. Have other suggestions? Feel free to drop them below in the comments section!

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